Friday, May 4, 2012

Samuel AdamsDinner

Hosted by America's Tea Party 1773 in conjunction with the
Will County Tea Party Alliance - Homer/Lockport Tea Party & Joliet Tax Day Tea Party

Three years ago we saw a threat to our country and we came together because we believe that for our country to thrive we must have smaller government, lower taxes, and maintain the free market system. So we united behind our beliefs and our love of country and the tea party movement was born. Over the past three years we have educated ourselves about the constitution, politics and campaigns. We worked hard during the 2012 primary and we voted with our hearts for the candidates we felt best represented our values. Now that the primary is over and we know who our nominees are for the November election. It is time for us to come together in Solidarity for the good of our Country, State, and local offices.

Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Conservatives alike must now join forces in Unity for the November election to pursue the greater good of smaller more responsible government at all levels. Novembers elections are some of the most historical our nation has faced. They will determine if we as a people want more freedoms, more prosperity, and more opportunity or less freedom, less prosperity, and less opportunity.

Plated dinner, live music, award ceremony. Cash bar also available. Come and meet with other grassroots activists, politicians, and community leaders that want to make a difference. For further updates and ticketed reservations, please visit:

                                                                                                                                         Special Guests:
Congressman (R) Randy Hultgren IL.,
Congresswoman (R) Judy Biggert IL.,

TEA Cup award recipients:

We will be honoring 4 recipients with the “Tea Cup” award for their involvement in promoting and pursuing responsible government.
Nominees: Dan Proft, Adam Andrzejewski, Rick Newton, Carol Ann Parisi

The proceeds for this event help promote pursuing government accountability.

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